I’m Barata Ribeiro

Full-stack Developer

Business grad passionate about bridging strategy and execution, expanding into Full-stack development and UI design for visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces.

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Hello, there...

I'm Barata Ribeiro

With a solid academic foundation in Business Administration and graduate courses in Strategic People Management and Project Management, I want to blend strategy and execution. My goal is to create and deliver projects that not only look good but also work efficiently in practice.

Right now, I'm diving into the world of Full-stack Development and UI Design, aiming to design eye-catching interfaces that prioritize user experience and satisfaction. I can’t wait to use my developing set of skills to contribute to the success of forward-thinking teams and organizations. Let's make great things happen!

I’ve learned quite a lot throughout my projects. Based in Brazil, I will let you know that I am ready to be part of your project no matter where I am.

Sabiá - Social Network

A full-stack micro blogging social network based on X (former Twitter), where users can post, like, and comment on posts.

#Java Spring Boot#Hibernate#PostgreSQL#Next.js#TypeScript#Tailwind CSS
Birdy - Social Network

A full-stack Instagram-like social network for bird enthusiasts to share and explore various bird species through their photographs.

#TypeScript#Express#PostgreSQL#TypeORM#Next.js#Tailwind CSS


.Dogs Next

A course project of a social network, which allows photo sharing, interaction, and statistics analysis. It's like Instagram, but for your canine friends.

#Next.js#React#TypeScript#CSS Modules
Delightful Indulgence
.Delightful Indulgence

Website for a fictitious dessert shop that creates gourmet desserts for couples. Created from Figma to code, emphasizing the application of React Router.

#React#React Router#CSS Modules#Vite.js
Spectre Band

Website for a fictional rock band. Its goals to display typography concepts I've learned, also showcasing contemporary web tec to enhance the user experience.


A user-friendly web app that displays trending GitHub repositories and profile stats by leveraging the GitHub API. An insightful tool for exploring coding prowess.

#React#Tailwind CSS#Vite.js


Dive into my educational track: a Bachelor's in Business Administration, followed by two enriching graduate courses. Now, I'm adding a creative edge to my profile, specializing in UI Design and Full-stack Development through intensive online courses.
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Bachelor's Degree


UNESA 2018

Graduate Course

.Strategic People

UNESA 2020

Graduate Course


UNESA 2022

Intensive Courses

  • Next.js
  • Java Dev Training
  • React with TypeScript
  • TypeScript for Beginners
  • Angular Dev Training
  • Complete React JS
  • Advanced Typography
  • JavaScript ES6+
  • Advanced UI Design
  • Algorithms
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Programming Logic
  • CSS Grid Layout & CSS Flexbox
  • HTML & CSS for Beginners
  • UI Design for Beginners